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Pansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperAgender Stamp by LeveButtgray-aromantic stamp (version 1) by crownstamps


Commissions are :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:


Art Status…


Tokotas - Children's Week by phenoxfire
Tokotas - Children's Week
:dead: Last minute Weekly quest entry! Sorry about last minute -___-' School work kept me busy this week and I burned my fingers in my welding class ( also why this is sadly a little sloppy, sorry! D: ) >.> but they're a little better
now ;w;

As a side note, Qannik and Oki are having a friggin' great time! And Idari is being surprisingly docile with the children... he must know it's a special day :'D

Watermarked because kinda sorta commission

10 HP for Qannik 1002
9 HP for Idari Cotat 4549

Art, Oki, Qannik, and Children characters © phenoxfire

Tokotas © Noebelle

Idari © rainebowmacaroon

go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff



Art Status

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 2:57 PM



Heya guys! Just a quick update. Now that I'm settled into my school schedule for the most part I have come to the conclusion that I pretty much have no time to work on any sort of artwork Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. My welding classes leave me tired and make my wrists and fingers sore so anything I would try to work on would be sub-par in quality, and I don't like doing that.

While I am having to work on the slow side at the moment I WILL get owed stuff done! No worries :)


Sicker than a dog again so art may be slow...*sigh* again >.> No idea why I've been so dern sick lately ;n;

Also, think I've been going down a serious relapse in my depression, hopefully that will clear up a little when I'm not physically ill... although, knowing my luck the two are feeding off of each other >_____>' Sadly, my social anxiety is holding me back from making a doctor's appointment... so... yeah.

Also, also. I've been having a tiiiiiiny urge to make my own ARPG ;w; I know, hell of a thing to want to do when I'm both physically and mentally ill, but... i dunno, I kind of want to try throwing one together. No idea where to start sadly, so I'll have to do some research ;P If I do decide to go through with this I don't want it to be a bullshit thing, so... yeah. Lots of prep shall be put into it and it probably wouldn't even be ready to even hint at seeing the light of day for a long while.


Status: CLOSED
Tokotas - HP Packets
Regular Commissions - Commission Info - CLOSED

  • rainebowmacaroon
    • AoAs of Walahfrid 5832 by TotemSpirit (0/3 Complete)
      • Handler ref: Kaedan Ref
      • Rite of Merit (Partnership - Endurance) - Color in process
      • Rite of Fortitude - Color in process
      • Rite of Knowledge - No specifics on the Tokota being captured. - Ink in process
    • 75 HP of Ienge Leris 4571 by TotemSpirit (11/75 Complete)

  • akllozz 20 HP of Zherneboh 4650 by TotemSpirit (9/20 Complete)

  • Completion of YTH - Fishing CLOSED by phenoxfire (Ink complete, color in process)

Personal To Do List

Making myself a personal list because my memory is garbage. Commissions over personal stuff. This list is not in priority order, I just kinda do as I do.

  • Get Qannik to Dominant
    • Work on his RoDs
  • Finish Oki's updated design reference
  • Get Tael's RoF done and get him to average
    • His Rites will be done with Taliesin and Gwydion for RP purposes
  • Get Nilak's RoFs done
  • Get Zelda's RoFs done and get her to average
  • Get Moose's RoFs done and get him to average
  • Get Briar's RoFs done
  • Get Rohan's RoFs done
  • Get Jolon's RoFs done and get him to average


Status: Friends Only - CLOSED


Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Content

Word count: 2033

Features: QannikTaelTaliesinOki Koishina

Mentions: Nilak, ZeldaMaleficentBriarVali

Bullet; GreenItalics are the Tokota talking to each other or themselvesBullet; Green

Tael huffed as Oki strapped his saddle bags on his back...
a damned pack mule for this mission, great. He slumped down onto his hind end and pouted, taking only slight comfort in the soft chuckle and the ear scratch from his handler. Oki turned away from the dark brown Tokota and turned toward his tundra partner, strapping his tack into place.

Tael grunted, stood back up, and sulked away. He laid down in a shady patch of grass and continued pouting. Why can't I be ridden? He whined. His ears twitched, his brother was approaching... great. Not that there was anything wrong with his brother joining him. but Tali tended to be a pouty baby when he was forced into something he didn't want to do.

Good grief... Taliesin mumbled as he stepped up to his darker sibling. He to, was loaded down with gear. He didn't say anything else and his eyes were steely, but his hunched over posture and slightly lowered ears spoke clearly what he was thinking... This fucking sucked.

I know right? Tael looked up and watched his brother flop down and lay down next to him. It was interesting to see his brother with any sort of tack on, usually he fought tooth and nail to it being anywhere near him... Zelda must have talked him into it. 

Hmm. Taliesin lowered his head down to his paws and stared out to the meadow before them, his piercing silver eyes not really focusing on a particular thing. Tael scooted closer and laid his head across his brothers neck and settled in for a short nap. 

Oki watched his two brown Tokota slunk off to the meadow and shook his head, poor things hated tack, but they needed the training... and a little distance would certainly never hurt Tael, he was starting to get on the neighboring village's nerves with his persistent flirting with the other animals. "Alright buddy, I'll put the bridal on when we are ready to leave." Oki stroked his partner's nose and pushed the toko's large head away "Go say your good buys, I'm sure Briar and Yakone will be very upset when uncle Qannik leaves."

Qannik padded away to find the two youngsters mentioned. They were probably playing together inside the house. Baby Yakone was absolutely fasinated with the newest Tokota addition to the family, Qannik chuckled at the memory of the two babies meeting. The two had connected immediately, it would not surprise the tundra Tokota if Yakone pushed to be Briar's handler when the two grew up.

Entering the house Qannik made his way to where he could hear the babies babbling and yipping at each other. Qannik smiled and stepped forward, giving a nod of greeting to Aga and Maleficent. Yakone was being held up by her mother and Briar was sitting between Maleficent's strong front legs. The two babies were talking to each other... about what was well beyond any of the other room's inhabitants.

Aga amiled back at the white beast "Hey there Qannik" she pulled Yakone up and held the baby up to Qannik's face. Qannik snorted and touched his noes to the baby's belly, making the girl squeal in joy. Briar scrambled up and stumbled over to the larger Tokota's paws, jumping up, asking for attention. The little white tokota was showing signs of getting seal-like spots, all the better to further mock Domino with.

Getting ready to go? Maleficent stood up and stretched her back. Briars' going to miss her goodnight stories.

This trip has to be done if we want to keep up the treaty with that tribe. Qannik's lips pulled back slightly in anxiety. That tribe... was just full of something bad, something that made his fur rise. This tribe had recently settled temporary near his home and demanded his handler to make this crazy journey, just so they would keep the peace... Hopefully they would keep their word. The thought of whatever they were turning on them left a terrible taste in Qannik's mouth.

Maleficen't sharp blue eyes studied her leader's face, seeing the angry fear in his eyes. She leaned down and gently picked Briar up by the scruff. Just come back alive idiot, as much as I love him, Dom is not suitable to lead our group of misfits. She walked past the tundra Tokota and made her way outside with her adopted pup, most likely to get some sun bathing time in.

Qannik sighed through his nose and gently licked Yakone's noes before turning and following Maleficent out of the house. Rather than go to the sunny patch he made his way to the blacksmith, where he had saw Vali and Ila go earlier. He wanted to say good buy to the girl, he didn't know how long he would be gone.

Just as he stepped up onto the smith's porch the door slammed open and a solid ball of tawny fur slammed into Qannik's chest. Vali he grunted out in discomfort. That was a paw in his stomach and dammit that hurt.

Uncle Qannik! Are you almost ready to go? Please don't go I would miss you! Vali was practically rolling on him now. Well... I guess you should go, but can you talk Oki into bringing me? You get to have all the fun. I never get to go!

Qannik chuckled softly and let vali crawl onto his back, draping herself over the tack his handler had put on him. Vali he said softly, looking over his shoulder at the excited tawny shedding fur all over his previously clean tack. You're shedding all over me.

Vali giggled and slid off her uncle's back. Sorry uncle Nikki. She jumped off the smith's porch, looking over her shoulder. Come on! Lets go for a walk while you wait for Oki to be ready. I think I saw him going to pick up the jerky Miss Johanna making. 

The two of them met up with Zelda and Nilak. The two of them had just herded the cows back into their respective pens. Nilak gave a quiet hello and nervously made his way forward, stopping at his comfortable range of three yards away. Zelda stepped ahead of him and immediatly started whining about how lame and unfair it was that she wasn't going on the 'epic adventure' that Qannik was going on.

While Vali and Zelda were agreeing and complaining at each other about how unfair it was that the boys were having all the fun. Qannik stepped up to Nilak, getting into the other Tokota's personal bubble. You be brave for the pack alright? Nilak's ears set back and his shoulders hunched anxiously, but he nodded his head.

Just as the sun hit the middle of the sky, signaling midday is when Oki gathered up his three chosen partners for his task. "Alright guys... Lets get this done." All day Oki had been fretting about this trip. Constantly cheeking Tael and Taliesin's saddle bags and making sure all of his needed supplies were accounted for. He had even made sure to bring a bow, something he disliked having to use in combat, but his gut told him to bring it. "Come on." He swung himself up onto Qannik's back and nudged his sides, signalling him forward. Tael and Taliesin followed over their leader and handler.

About five miles outside of the village something made the Tokota's ears swivel around and a sharp growl escaped all three of them. Oki turn to where his animals were facing and his face hardened at the darkly cloaked figure at the forest edge. Oki slipped off Qannik's back and headed toward the figure, ignoring Tael's anxious whine.

"What are you doing here?" Oki asked the figure sharply. He was not in the mood to deal with this person. Something about made Oki's heart feel like it was encased in ice.

The figure chuckled darkly and removed their hood. "Was wondering if you were actually going to make this trip or not. I am eternally grateful that you have decided to." Sarcasm dripped from every word. The man's golden eyes pierced into Oki's own blue ones.

"I do hope you make it back alive boy, I think we could be real good friends when you return" He chuckled again and retreated back into the forest, disapearing into the darkness. Oki shivered, suddenly realizing how Vali felt when he stepped near this forest.

He stiffly turned back toward his Tokota and made his way back over to them. Quickly throwing himself onto Qannik's back he urged the small group into a run. Making his way to whatever would make that man leave his village alone.

They ran, and ran. Ran away from the dark figure, and more importantly, their home. Running to what may or may not be a total goose chase. Running to what could be a trap. What they were to look for, they didn't know. A solid description wasn't given to them, all Oki knew is that it was some kind of totem. And from the little research he did on it, it was an evil totem. Located in the middle of a giant, uncharted forest. Why these rouges wanted some lowly animal handler to go this this thing was beyond him. All Oki knew is that he needed to get this done so his home and family could be safe.

Day turned to night and Oki motioned for the Tokotas to stop. He slid off of Qannik's back and went to setting up camp, pulling off the heavier parts of the trio's backs and turning them loose so they could find themselves some dinner. The Tokota meandered around the campsite, serching in tight, paranoid circles. They wanted to make sure their handler would be safe before they left. When they were satisfied they went about tracking their kill, a deer had walked through recently. Easy enough.

Oki sighed as he searched though one of his packs for some bottled stew his mother had made him. He uncapped the stew and brought the bottle to his mouth, taking large gulps of the luke warm broth. Chewing a chunk of fish that had come with the broth he stared into the fire. Something was going to happen... what Oki didn't know. 

Tael sighed after he tore out a part of their kill's skin, swallowing it he stared at his brother. Taliesin was eating, but his shoulders and back were stiff and his ears were swiveling around. Everything okay? Tael asked. Taliesin's ears twisted around to his brother, then back to the forest around them. Tael himself couldn't pick up what his brother could hear, but whatever it was... it was unsettling. Qannik! Tael snapped out sharply.

Qannik looked up from the femur he was gnawing on, looking at Talisein's tense posture. What is it? He asked sharply. While Qannik had a knack for sensing danger, Talisein seemed to be a pro at it... Annoyingly the younger Tokota needed to be asked about it or he would keep his mouth shut. Talisein?

Taliesin's ears lowered and he growled softly. Something is following us... Has been since we left our territory. I don't like this Qannik. Something is wrong. Taliesin stood up. We should get back to Oki, he shouldn't be alone right now.

Qannik stared at his youngest companion in amazement... it's been a long time since this pup had said that much at once. shaking his head he too stood up, only slightly upset that he had to leave his delicious deer femur behind. He nodded at Tael and took his spot in front and lead his companions back to where their handler had set up camp.

Once the three Tokota were back they immediately settled themselves in a perfect fluffy barrier around their handler, protectively -and adorably- surrounding him in a warm protective circle of fluff. Oki chuckled bitterly, knowing his animals could scene the danger in the air better than he could. He gently stroked the bridge of Qannik's muzzle as he finished up his fish stew.

Hopefully this feeling of dread was just a side effect of being away from home... hopefully.
Tokotas - Storm is Brewing
Horrible writing ho!

Sigh... I don't even know anymore. I know where I want to go with my story, and I really wish I was coordinated and driven enough to do comics, but I'm not, so you'll have to deal with my terribad writing... not even sure people read this tbh.... I appreciate it if you do ;w;

I write these while in class... shhh don't tell my teachers >.>

Had to change some of my world building stuff (crap that I'm not friggin' good at in the first place) for reasons I don't want to go into. 

Aaaaaanyway, This is starting to get into how my pack meets Cieatix's handler and ryuhito's pack. And some other irl friends kind of want to jump in and out with their own characters and Tokos and what-all as well! Going into some new territory down south... Wonder what they will find. This will be continued probably, idk.

As usual, keep in mind that I am in fact dyslexic, so grammar and spelling issues slip by me pretty easily. Please don't rage and just kindly let me know, and I'll try to fix it ASAP :)

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: Qannik 1002 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Qannik's Tracking Journal
Items/Companions: Bright Flashlight
Defects/Health Issues:


15 HP - Qannik
13 HP - Tael, NilakZeldaMaleficentBriarVali,
12 HP - Taliesin
  • 10 HP - 2000 words
  • 1 HP - Non commissioned (Tael, Nilak, Zelda, Maleficent, Briar, Vali only)
  • 2 HP - Handler
  • 2 HP - Exploring (Qannik only)

Please correct me if I am wrong

Story, Tael, Nilak, Zelda, Maleficent, Briar, Vali, Qannik, and Oki © phenoxfire

Taliesin © Cieatix 

Tokotas© Noebelle

go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff

YTH - Fishing CLOSED by phenoxfire
YTH - Fishing CLOSED

Slot was sold, piece will now be completed!

A little on the chibi side this time ;) No worries, Ink, color and shading will be done nicely and in detail, so full credit will be given! :)

This will be worth a total of at least 7HP plus whatever your toko catches.
HP breakdown:
3 HP - Full body; Colored and shaded
2 HP - Background; Complex
2 HP - Fishing

(Please keep in mind, if you are part of TsulaTribe and are approved for benefits you get 2 extra HP!)

Finished product will be similar to: Tokotas - Don't Let it Get Away! by phenoxfire Tokotas - Really? by phenoxfire   Tokotas - Uhm... No Thanks by phenoxfire 

Available payment methods: Paypal or Points
Price: $10.00/1000 Points

Blue Toko taken by: Blixt's Vitharr 4852 kagetora4ever
Seafoam Toko: Jolon 5476
Green Toko: Gyro 5147 Cieatix 
Orange Toko: Zherneboh 4650 akllozz
Yellow Toko: Niamh Brynja 4531 rainebowmacaroon

- These are first come first serve. 
- I can change the mane style, free of charge
- Please only choose a Tokota that has been accepted AND uploaded please! That way I can submit the piece to the group and it can be judged asap.
- Do not send me payment until I tell you too.
  • If you are paying with paypal I will send you a note with my Paypal address in it. - DO NOT SEND THE PAYMENT AS A GIFT
  • If you are buying with points gift them to me on my profile page
- I will not complete the piece until all slots are taken and full payment is received.
- When complete, I will send you the link to a high resolution completed version of this piece
- I will up charge if your design is complicated. Examples of complicated designs: Chimeras, Van Gogh, Vitiligo, Barring.

Tokotas noebelle
Art phenoxfire 


phenoxfire has started a donation pool!
118 / 40,000



If 50 or more points are donated, I MAY sketch one of your characters for you.

You must be logged in to donate.
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    Donated Jan 23, 2015, 4:58:26 PM
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    Donated Mar 18, 2013, 12:38:22 PM

Any of my watchers interested in starting out in Tokotas

7 deviants said I'm already a member!
2 deviants said Yes, but I'm not sure where to begin
No deviants said No thank you

Tokotas - Looking for Curly mane (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 5, 2015, 12:01 PM

They are majestic and beautiful and I want one for RP reasons! D:<

Anyway, since I don't have any money at all, and like not enough Points for sure, all I have to offer is My services as an art slave... Well, for a 75 HP + AoAs package, I can maybe be convinced to do more HP Depending on the markings and what-all. I don't work well with due dates, and I am in school, so I don't have an estimated time when I would be done, but I WILL get the art done.

I Would prefer an already existing design or an undersigned geno, I have no real interest in slots unless you are going to offer me unlimited until I get one slots, and with recent changes that Noebelle might make to breeding, I don't see that happening.  

I don't care much about birth defects, I would prefer not inbred (mostly because it bothers me from an RP standpoint).

And if rainmarks or Dun could be a possibility that would be amaze-ballz ;A; Other than that I don't care about color or markings (I will absolutely look at any without those markings of course!)

I also have Jolon 5476 by TotemSpirit and while I can't technically offer slots to him right now because of the lack on AoAs, I am working on them so they can be put into the deal on a later date if you are interested.

And, Not as interesting, but Qannik 1002 by TotemSpirit is waiting for the HP confirmation for dominance if you would be interested in slots to him when I finish his RoDs


Tokotas - What are You Doing up There? by phenoxfire Tokotas - rite of  Merit -Rohan Zelda and Nilak by phenoxfire Tokotas - Not Going Down Without a Fight by phenoxfire
Tokotas - Godric's Goof Face by phenoxfire Tokotas - Tael's Flirty Face by phenoxfire Tokotas - Maleficent's Bitch Face by phenoxfire

Skin by SimplySilent


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