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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Pansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperAgender Stamp by LeveButt


Commissions are :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:


Commission Progress

:bulletpurple: 75 HP for tree-kangaroo of Silvia (Estimated time: 3 weeks at least) - 52/75 HP Complete
:bulletpurple: Rites of Fertility for Ankhlet of Luna (Estimated time: Varies, at least one week per image) 1/3 Complete
:bulletpurple: AoAs and 75 HP for Drazzielder of Godric (estimated time: 4 weeks at least) - 0/3 complete 11/75 Complete
:bulletpurple: Completion of (Estimated time: Wednesday 27th at the latest)


Tokotas - Rite of Fortitude Luna Vali and Mal by phenoxfire
Tokotas - Rite of Fortitude Luna Vali and Mal
Rites of Fortitude for Maleficent, Vali, and Luna >3<

Vali get's distracted easy, this time her point of her distraction is a butterfly O.O

Maleficent is NOT excited about her tack being put back on after a rest... Oki may get bitten, but he don't care ><'

and crick just wants to get back on the road! D:< Luns a is watching the chaos ._. 

.....graaaaaass.... Why? hmmm Maybe next time I'll just do a few blades? and not the whole field? idk I need to experiment a bit more.

:bulletgreen:Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Luna 2244 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Luna 2244
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: Pack Leader
Handler name: cricket kileerah 
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: YTH - Fishing (streamed) - CLOSEDLemme SleepTokotas - Getting Ready to Go

:bulletgreen:Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Vali 2320 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Vali 2320
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?:
Pack Leader
Handler name: Ila Koishina (Reference unavailiable)
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: Tokotas - Can You Not?Tokotas - Getting Ready to GoTokotas - Pest Control

:bulletgreen:Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Maleficent 2356 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Maleficent 2356
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?:
Pack Leader
Handler name: Oki Koishina
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: Tokotas - Don't Poke the BearTokotas - Getting Ready to GoTokotas - Lost and found


Art, Maleficent, Vali, Oki, and Ila © phenoxfire

Luna and Cricket © Ankhlet 

Tokotas © Noebelle

go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff


Art Status

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 2:57 PM


Status: Semi - Open 
Tokotas - HP Packets
:new:Regular Commissions - Commission Info - OPEN

  • 75 HP for tree-kangaroo of Silvia 3150 by TotemSpirit (Estimated time: 4 weeks at least.)
    • 52/75 HP Complete

  • Rites of Fertility for Ankhlet of Luna 2244 by TotemSpirit (Estimated time: Varies, at least one week per image)
    • 1/3 Images complete (Shade in process for Rite of Fortitude)

  • Rites of Fertility and 75 HP for DrazziElder of Godric 3321 by TotemSpirit (Estimated Time: At least 4 weeks overall)
    • 0/3 Images complete (Sketch in process for Rite of Merit)
    • 11/75 HP Complete 

  • Completion of Bear Hunting YTH by phenoxfire(Estimated time: Wednesday 27th at the latest)
    • Inking in process


    Status: Friends Only - CLOSED


    Skin by SimplySilent
    Tokotas - Lookie what I got! by phenoxfire
    Tokotas - Lookie what I got!
    Another part of tree-kangaroo 's 75HP Pack >w<

    Still working on grass, I'll get it down one day OwO

    Watermarked because commission.

    Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Silvia 3150 by TotemSpirit
    Link to fishing journal: Silvia 3150's Tracking Journal

    Silvia 3150

    • 5 HP - Full body; Colored, shaded with background
    • 2 HP - Fishing

     7 HP

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Art © phenoxfire

    Characters  © tree-kangaroo 

    Tokotas © Noebelle

    go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff


    Tokotas - Come here you! by phenoxfire Tokotas - Short rest by phenoxfire Rite of  Fortitude - Qannik by phenoxfire 
    Tokotas - My Fox by phenoxfire
    Tokotas - My Fox
    More stuff for tree-kangaroo 's HP pack OwO This one and the last one are kind of tests on poses and backgrounds and stuff. I need to do a few more of these before I decide if I like them or not. Sorry for experimenting tree X'D

    That poor foxxy D: 

    Also... grass... why you so hard :c

    Watermarked because commission.

    Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Silvia 3150 by TotemSpirit
    Link to Hunting journal: Silvia 3150's Tracking Journal

    Silvia 3150

    • 5 HP - Full body; Colored, shaded with background
    • 2 HP - Hunting

     7 HP

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Art © phenoxfire

    Characters  © tree-kangaroo 

    Tokotas © Noebelle

    go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff


    Tokotas - Come here you! by phenoxfire Tokotas - Short rest by phenoxfire Rite of  Fortitude - Qannik by phenoxfire 
    Mature Content Filter is On
    (Contains: violence/gore)

    Word count: 2214

    Features: Maleficent, BriarOki Koishina, MooseCricket kileerah

    Mentions: SheiQannikDomino

    Bullet; GreenItalics are the Tokota talking to each other or themselvesBullet; Green

    Maleficent grunted as she pulled against the force pulling back on her. The wagon refused to budge from the ditch, she was covered in mud and her mane was dripping in the nasty stuff and had twigs and leaves sticking out at every direction. She was going to kill her handler and brother when they came back. Oki had jumped up on her brother -since his side of the harness had snapped and broken- and the two of them ran from the scene quite some time ago to get help. An 850 pound bear-dog AND a caravan wagon was no easy thing to pull out of the muck, they would have needed more than one other Tokota and a frail human.

    Maleficent growled again and pulled at her harness again, this time twisting and turning to pop herself out of it. At least this nasty mud is useful for something.

    After a few more moments of struggling she finally was able to pull her chest and head from the caravan harness. Shaking the mud in her fur every which way she quickly pulled herself to the top of the ditch bank. She glared down at the wagon, she didn't care if the damn thing was full of crap her handler bought and traded, it could rot for all she cared.

    A harsh shiver suddenly ripped through Maleficent's body, reminding her that it was raining and just exiting winter, she needed to get out of this weather before she got sick. With the reminder of one of Oki's only rules -Do not leave an area I leave you-, she luckily found an abandoned wolf den not to far from the fallen caravan. It was close enough that she could chase off any thieves stupid enough to try and take Oki's goods and that Oki shouldn't get too angry that she wiggled free of her harness.

    Maleficent quickly darted into the wolf den, shading water and mud from her thing fur coat. She grunted and slumped down harshly, shivering hard enough for her teeth to clatter together. Now that she was out of the rain she would get warmer as she dried. Maleficent yawned lightly and started to lay down, a sound made her stop.



    There it was again! Maleficent was immediately on her feet, a sharp growl in her throat Who's there? The sound rang out again and she spun around to look into the den, a very small cave opening was toward the back of the den wall. Maleficent's ears set back and she started toward the small opening. The fur along her spine rose... the scent of blood oozed from the hole in the wall. What the fuck?

    She made her way through the opening, slowly creeping along on her belly, her shoulders and haunches ready to spring at whatever was waiting for her on the other side of the opening. The scent of blood got stronger as she crawled deeper through the cave opening -it was actually closer to a tunnel, Maleficent could slightly see an opening on the other side that opened into a bigger room-.

    Maleficent finally poked her head out of the other side of the opening, the rest of her body slowly and quietly following. She used her dark color to her advantage and stuck to the darker shadows of the cave. on the other side of the room was a dirt ramp that lead up to an overhang that was bathed in the murky, rainy day light from a large crack in the cave roof. Something was laying in the light, getting bathed in the rain that fell though the crack with the murky light.

    The sound that had lured the half-mane back here sounded from the thing laying on the overhang. Being closer it almost sounded like raspy breathing and a soft whimpering. A breeze swept through the cave, carrying the sickening scent of blood to Maleficen't nose, it was nauseatingly strong now, and fresh. The raspy sound must have been a dyeing...thing.

    Figuring that she was in no danger since the only other inhabit of the cave was dyeing maleficent padded up to the overhang to get a better look at whatever it was, still keeping her distance and sticking to the shadows. Getting closer she cringed when she saw it was another Tokota. It's neck was ripped open and crimson liquid spilled from the wound, it's eyes were open and staring into nothingness. This Tokota did not have a lot of time left.

    Maleficent sighed softly and moved out of the shadows and stood directly within the dyeing Tokota's line of sight, calmly laying down in front of it. I'm sorry friend. She apologized, if only for the sentiment, she would be here for the dyeing Tokota so it didn't die alone.

    The Tokota gurgled out a response, it's eyes focused long enough to let Maleficent know that her presence was noticed. The sad joy that passed in the other Tokota's eyes also let her know that her presence was appreciated. No one wanted to die alone.

    The Tokota suddenly pushed itself up T-take. it rasped out harshly.

    Maleficen't brow line furrowed Hey now, take it easy. She stood herself and moved forward to push the other Tokota back down.

    The dyeing Tokota shook it's head and hefted itself on all fours. T-take.... The Tokota started to cough up blood. The persistent Tokota moved slowly and sluggishly toward the plant frond off toward the cave wall of the overhang, it stumbled a few times and finally collapsed in front of the plant. The Tokota turned toward Maleficent T-take care.... o-of.

    Maleficent slowly padded up to the large leafed bush, getting the point. There was something here that this Tokota wanted her to take care of. She pushed the leaves back and gasped...


    She was certainly not expecting this, A small, sniveling, still pink, Tokota puppy laid in the dirt under that plant. God dammit maleficent cursed and gently pulled the puppy from under it's makeshift shelter and out of the rain. Maleficent curled around the puppy, sad that she could not provide food for the poor thing.

    The dyeing Tokota looked up at Maleficent T-thank.... the Tokota's eye completely glazed over. It had passed.

    Maleficent growled lightly in through. Fuck. I have to get this to Oki as soon as possible... we're close to Cricket's village... and that dire did just recently have a litter, she could provide milk... Maleficent leaned down and grabbed the pup by the scruff. She paused for a second to bow her head in respect for the dead Tokota. She would bring Oki here later so they could give it a proper burial.

    Maleficent quickly made her way through the tunnel and stood at the den entrance... what was she to do? The puppy in between her teeth was starting to shiver and whimper for food. Maleficent sighed and laid down, setting the puppy between her forearms. The safest thing to do was to wait for Oki to return... hopefully it would be soon. Thankfully the raid was letting up slightly.


    Perfect timing! Maleficent rose her head to the sky and let out her pack's emergency call, they needed to come to her. It was answered by Qannik's howl and heavy sound of other Tokota running to where she was.

    "Mel!" Oki bolted off of Qannik's back and ran to His half-maned partner. "Are you okay? What-" Maleficent moved to the side slightly, making the puppy between her forelegs visible. The little pink thing let out a loud whine, it was getting hungry. "Shit! Crickey! Get over here" Oki yelled over his shoulder at his blond companion. This was a new thing to Oki, he'd dealt with baby Tokota before but he never had to deal with a newborn Tokota before.

    The mute slid off of Moose's back and walked over. Seeing the puppy between Maleficent's paws her eyes widened and she signed something to Oki. Oki nodded and reached forward to pick the newborn up and quickly unzipped his jacket and nestled the puppy against his chest. Maleficent was on all fours in an instant and followed Oki with intense eyes. She was going to follow that puppy, and make good on the parent's last words.

    "Come on Mal, we're going to take it to Shei." Oki tossed himself up onto Maleficent's back. The look on her face said that she wasn't going to leave this pup's side. And, she was faster than Qannik and could keep up with Moose better than he could as well. "Qannik" Oki quickly scrawled a note onto a scrap of paper he pulled from Qannik's saddle bag. "Take this back to mom, and make sure Nilak and Zelda do their chores while I'm gone" Qannik snorted and started the long trek back to his home village.

    Cricket signed the other Tokota they had brought with them to pull the caravan out of the mud and follow the tundra Toko to Oki's village. Oki and Cricket lightly nudged the sides of their Tokota and took off to Cricket's village. Thankfully it was a short journey, and the squirming in Oki's jacket let the young man know the pup was alive and well... just very very hungry. Moose and Maleficent slowed their pace on their rider's command.

    "Ooooooo" Oki suddenly said when the barn that Shei had her puppies in came into view. "I get to see that black dire you told me about don't I" Oki bounced excitedly causing Maleficent to turn and glare at him. Oki grinned sheepishly "Sorry Mel, it's just exciting! OH and that panda looking Tokota too?" Oki was bouncing again. Maleficent snorted and rolled her eyes, Moose snickered at her.

    Finally the group of four came to a stop in front of the barn. Cricket swung herself off of Moose's back and walked up to Oki who was dismounting Maleficent. Signaling Oki to stay put, Cricket took the newborn from Oki's jacket and disappeared into the barn. Maleficent slowly followed, ignoring both Moose's and Oki's warnings not to.

    Sticking her head into the door, seeing that the dire was busy staring at her handler. The light warning growl she gave to the pink newborn when cricket held her out made Maleficent step further into the room, giving a soft bark to announce her presence. Shei's eyes sprung up to Maleficent and she snarled and stood up, the fur on the back of her neck and back raising in anger. 

    What are you dong in here? She snapped her jaws at the half maned Tokota that DARED enter her nest. She ignored Cricket's signed pleas to calm down.

    That pup. Maleficent nodded toward Cricket, she lowered her head and tucked her tail to show her place below the average Dire. Please help it, the parent's last wish was for me to take care of it. So please...

    Shei's body posture slowly relaxed. It's mother is dead?  At Maleficent's nod she sighed and finally laid back down next to her litter. Shei looked back up to Cricket and nodded, letting her handler place the newborn with the rest of her litter. I'll feed her until she needs to be weened, but after that, she's yours to take care of.

    Maleficent nodded and turned to leave the barn. Thank you Shei

    Maleficent and Moose wandered out of the village while Oki gushed over Shei's litter. The greeting between Oki and Shei was... Hilarious at the very least, the dumb human got too excited and may have gotten himself nipped at... and he may or may not have a bandage around his arm.

    So your a mom now. Moose nudged his half sister before laying down and rolled over onto his back, yawning and stretching. It had been a damn long day. Wonder what Domino'll think.

    Hardly, and I could care less what he thinks... Qannik will be happy. It's been a while since a puppy was around. Maleficent groaned and rolled over and stretched as well. She sighed and closed her eyes, intending to take a nap.

    A few hours later, Maleficent was gently poked in the stomach, the annoyance successfully woke her up. She grunted and scowled at the grinning face of her handler. Domino was behind him, his cold green eyes looking as disinterested as ever. "Alright Mal,  Crickey said that you can hang out around here until the puppy can be weened."

    Maleficent turned over, her blue eyes light up with joy and her ears perked up. There was probably a catch, but who cares! She could make good on her promise! Moose jumped up next to her, showing his own excitement.

    "But!" Oki poked the Halfmane's noes "Crick said she needed some help with hunting and herding. AND she said that you might be on caravan duty to the main city."

    Maleficent groaned but nodded her head once, accepting the catch... but... Caravan duty suuuucked. Oki chuckled and turned to Domino and mounted the grumpy seal Tokota. "I'll probably be around next week, got a shipment of arrows I need to bring down here." and he was gone.

    Maleficent sighed, getting ready for a long eight and a half weeks worth of work.
    Tokotas - Lost and found
    Rated for mentions of blood and death.

    SO. Maleficent found an abandond Toko pup on her last exoloration piece, so I decided to write about how that find would actually go. Way sadder than I intended. I also wrote this with the assumption that Briar would be born to wild parents and not the starters :/ stupid on my part I know, but I figure that the dead Toko in this story could have kidnapped Briar and ran into a bear on the way and well... this. W/e I'll work it out better later on.

    Exploration because raisins. Also, this is part 1. Part 2 wll be coming.... when I feel like staying up untill 6AM doing bad writing.

    Idk why I'm bothering to explain myself, no one reads these anyway :I The description I mean X'D

    Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Maleficent 2356 by TotemSpirit
    Link to Exploration journal: Maleficent's Tracking Journal

    Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Moose 2355 by TotemSpirit
    Link to Exploration journal: Moose 2355 Tracking Journal

    16 HP - Maleficent 
    15 HP - Moose
    14 HP - BriarQannikDomino
    13 HP - Shei
    • 11 HP - 2200 words
    • 1 HP - Non commissioned (Maleficent, Briar, Qannik, and Domino)
    • 2 HP - Handler
    • 2 HP - Exploring (Maleficent, and Moose only)

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    Story, Maleficent, Briar, Qannik, Domino, and Oki© phenoxfire

    Moose, Shei, and Cricket © Ankhlet 

    Tokotas© Noebelle

    go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff



    phenoxfire has started a donation pool!
    118 / 40,000



    If 50 or more points are donated, I MAY sketch one of your characters for you.

    You must be logged in to donate.
    • :iconokamiflautist:
      Donated Jan 23, 2015, 4:58:26 PM
    • :iconprinceciel:
      Donated Mar 18, 2013, 12:38:22 PM

    Going to be opening Commissions soon hopefully! 

    4 deviants said yay! *throws money*
    No deviants said Meh
    No deviants said ((Read my comment! I could use some advice!))

    Commission Info - OPEN

    Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 4:45 PM

    Yes, finally I'm going to be opening up non Tokota commissions!

    by all means please commission Tokota stuff as well! I will do an HP breakdown for you when Piece is completed. but to be honest, you would probably get a better deal from THESE.

    Commission Status : :bulletgreen: OPEN:bulletgreen:

    Prices are in USD.

    $1.00 = 100 :points:

    Regular Commissions

    All below are full body. Head shots are further down.

    :bulletblue: Digital Sketch - $5.00

    type A: Simple color option

    Lea And Luna  Just Chillin  By Phenoxfire-d80tav6 by phenoxfire


    Type B: Cleaned up sketch

     Dragon By Phenoxfire-d80tavi by phenoxfire


    • Additional Character - $2.00


    :bulletblue: Flat color - $15.00

    Mythnya by phenoxfireWhen Can I See You Again by phenoxfireCommission for BaryonSweep by phenoxfire

    • Clean Detailed lineart
    • No extra charger for partial background
    • Simple background - $5.00
    • Colored lineart - $5.00

    • Additional Character - $5.00


    :bulletblue: Shading - $35.00

     Tokotas - Short rest by phenoxfire 
    Tokotas - Wheee! by phenoxfire 

    • Detailed shades and highlights, emphasizes scales, fur, etc.
    • No extra charge for  partial background
    • Simple background - $5.00
    • Detailed background - $7.00
    • Colored lineart - $5.00 (Warning: Detailed shades and highlights can look a little odd on a colored lineart work. commission at your own risk, NO REFUNDS if you do not like how the colored lineart turns out, but I will change your lineart to black, no extra cost)
    • Additional Character - $10.00 



    Type A: Normal head shot - $10.00 EACH

    Tokotas - Maleficent's Bitch Face by phenoxfire Tokotas - Tael's Flirty Face by phenoxfire

    • Backgroundless head shots, inked, colored and shaded, your choice of expression.

    Type B: Icon - $10.00 EACH

    Miki - Icon by phenoxfire

    • 500x500 canvas featuring your character's beautiful face. Give me a color (can be referenced or just a general color) and I will make a pleasing to the eye color palette around that color for your background!

    • Shading optional
    • Couple icons are $5.00 more
    Type C: Compilation - $25.00

    Tokotas - The Many Faces of Silvia by phenoxfire Dex Faces by phenoxfire Lea faces by phenoxfire

    • 6 Head shots of your character. All expressions are your choice. You can have me come up with expressions as well if you want.
    • Comes with the background option.
    • Shading - $5.00 extra

    :bulletpurple:Chibis - $12.00

    It's your turn now! by phenoxfire Merry Christmas! by phenoxfire Random stripie-thing by phenoxfire

    • Cute squish version of your chartacter!
    • No extra charge for  partial background
    • Simple background - $5.00
    • Colored Ink - $5.00
    • Shading - $5.00
    • Additional Characters - $4.00

    :bulletpurple:Reference Sheets - Starting price - $35.00


     .:Character Reference:. Steel by phenoxfireSombra Sonata by phenoxfireCommission for Chastitybunny by phenoxfire

    • Starting price will get you two full body references, Two head shot/expression references, a close up on the characters eyes, and well as ONE other important detail of the character (Tattoo, accessory, wings, ect). Also includes name, gender, color palette, and simple background. The important detail reference can be exchanged for a head shot if you so choose. If you have something else in mind we can work something out :) (Smile)
    • Additional full body  references - $10.00
    • Additional Head shot/expression references - $7.00
    • Other small references - $1.00-$5.00 depending on complexity/amount

    :bulletred:Any and all mature content (gore included) has a $15.00 fee tagged onto it! This includes sketches. I will also ask for a PHOTO REFERENCE of what you would like your character(s) doing on some occasions.:bulletred:


    Terms of Service

    • Digital works only
    • Rights of artwork created by phenoxfire belong to me. Rights of fanart of characters belong to their respective companies. I am in no way, shape, or form claiming ownership of said characters.
    • I will send you a Work In Progress (W.I.P.) of your commission, usually a sketch (or a partial sketch if it is a sketch commission). I will only allow 3 major edits before the sketch is complete, after that I will begin charging. It gets time consuming and frustrating to constantly edit a sketch, so please, be final in what you want.
    • I will allow ONE change for both the lineart process and the color process, revisions are not aloud after the flat colors are done!
    • If you are not satisfied with the W.I.P. and want a refund, you will only get a partial refund and a cleaned up sletch of what you wanted.
    • NO refunds when the work is fully completed.
    • Please be straightforward in describing what you want. Reading a wall of RP is very frustrating for me and it is hard to decipher what you want. Save us both the headace and just be clear :) (Smile)
    • I hold the rights to the image that I create, the characters in the image may belong to their respective owners, but the image I create belongs to me. If you want to buy the rights to the image, it will be very expensive.
    • I am free to upload any commission , unless spoken to beforehand, as I see fit in my personal art galleries/folios, as I still retain the rights of the image as the original artist. Please tell me beforehand if you don't want me to upload it to my galleries.
    • Multi-limbed characters are subjected to be charged more. This includes: Taurs, multi-winged, ect.
    • Any and all mature content (gore included) has a $15.00 fee tagged onto it! This includes sketches. I will also ask for a PHOTO REFERENCE of what you would like your character(s) doing on some occasions.
    • Please ask about fetish art. I am willing to draw some, but a lot makes me uncomfortable and is just a flat no. So please ask! :) (Smile)
    • DO NOT edit my artwork without my permission! This includes adding color, shading, or redlining it. You may have payed for it, but I still own the rights


    What I will NOT draw

    • Watersports/scat
    • Diapers/soild diapers
    • Hyper of any sort (cock, breasts, muscles. NONE OF IT)
    • Cub/underaged
    • Incest
    • large gaping holes.... Just no

    :bulletpurple: Other than the mentioned stuff above I'll pretty much draw anything. Please keep in mind that the more complex your character is the more I will charge. :bulletpurple:

    How to order

    Please fill out this form in the comments below. Please note me if you are ordering a character reference. They have more info I will need from you than the below form.

    Commission Type:
    Payment type:
    Character Reference:
    What I want my character(s) doing:
    Background type:

    Taking 3 slots for now


    Skin by SimplySilent


    :iconhowl-with-the-wind: :iconhybridsonly: :iconspeedpaintsyoutube:


    May 25, 2015
    4:12 am
    May 22, 2015
    8:35 am
    May 21, 2015
    9:07 am
    May 20, 2015
    1:38 pm
    May 19, 2015
    3:32 pm


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    I just wanted to say your art is great, and you are making so much improvement with it, and you really really make me want to get into Tokotas 
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    Yo dude I was out shopping a couple days ago and I was passing the freezer section and I swear one of them made a sound near identical to the sound the Mangled makes

    it woke a primal fear in me the likes of which has never been felt 

    I thought you'd appreciate it/understand D': 
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