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United States
Pansexual Pride Stamp by Just-Jaspernon binary stamp by joepanikgray-aromantic stamp (version 1) by crownstamps

She/her or They/them pronouns


Commissions are :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:


Art Status…


YTH - Bear hunting CLOSED by phenoxfire
YTH - Bear hunting CLOSED
ignore that it's spring and this is a fall background, I felt like orange/brown leaves dammit >: O lol 

Siehn and rainebowmacaroon please let me know if I need to change about the sketch of your toko before I begin inking!


Bear Hunting YTH slots available. 

This will be worth a total of at least 7HP plus whatever your toko catches.
HP breakdown: 
  • 3 HP - Fullbody; colored and shaded
  • 2 HP - Complex background
  • 2 HP - Hunting/Fishing/Exploring bonus
If you are in the TsulaTribe then you get an additional 2 HP for Qannik 1002 being included

Finished product will be similar to: Tokotas - Can I Carry It?! by phenoxfire Tokotas - Ladies Day Out! ... and Jolon Was There by phenoxfire 

Available payment methods: Paypal or Points
Price: $10.00/1000 Points each

Orange Toko: Kahlua 9307 - rainebowmacaroon 
Red Toko: Tyrone 810 - tree-kangaroo 
Blue Toko: Qannik 1002 - Me
White Toko: Nomiki 7828 - rainebowmacaroon
Purple Toko: Tenebrae 5913 - Siehn

- These are first come first serve. 
- I can change the mane style, free of charge
- Please only choose a Tokota that has been accepted AND uploaded please! That way I can submit the piece to the group and it can be judged asap.
- Do not send me payment until I tell you too.
  • If you are paying with paypal you will be going to this link:…;
  • If you are buying with points I will open up a commission tab with your user name as the title for you to pay at.
- I will not complete the piece until all slots are taken and full payment is received.
- When complete, I will send you the link to a high resolution completed version of this piece
- I will up charge if your design is complicated. Examples of complicated designs: Chimeras, Van Gogh, Vitiligo, Barring, ect. If you are unsure just ask!

Tokotas noebelle
Art phenoxfire 

Art Status

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 2:57 PM


:new: 4/6/16

whiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. So I have a month left of school, last day is may 10th (I think, pretty sure). But you know what only having a few weeks of school left means right??? EXAMS *crying* but I'll only be on break for a month, because I plan on going back for summer semester, but that should be a much lighter load to bear.
Also.... welding, have I mentioned that I have a tendency to burn my fingers or just generally hurt myself :'D so art sometime literally hurts me lol.

Also also, be ready to see some journals about my raptor stuffs, I was thinking about setting up a contest or give away or something so I can get them up and running. only good thing about school is that during breaks and shit I can think about RP content X'D


I am so tired ;w; school is killing me. full time studenting is not easy X'D

On a happier note! I got a new computer!!! And it's a BAMF!!! SO! Expect streams! Because art streams is something I really want to do ;w; (On the slight downside of new computers, I need to install and move shit, so bare with me while I do that. I should have that shit sorted out in due time:))


Status: CLOSED
Tokotas - HP Packets
Regular Commissions - Commission Info - CLOSED

  • tree-kangaroo (I'm working Tree! I promise >w<')
    • AoAs of Silica 6795 by TotemSpirit (1/3 Complete)
      • Handler reference: Needed 
      • Rite of Merit - Wild - COMPLETE
      • Rite of Fortitude (Not yet started)
      • Rite of Knowledge - no known specifics on Tokota being captured (Sketch in process)

Personal To Do List

Making myself a personal list because my memory is garbage. Commissions over personal stuff. This list is not in priority order, I just kinda do as I do.
  • Qannik's RoD
    • Courage - Sketch in progress
    • Navigation
    • Respect
    • Dedication
    • Soul
  • Oki's updated reference
    • Human - Complete
    • Werewolf - Complete
    • Dire wolf - Compete
    • Full sheet - Layout in progress
  • Tael's RoF and average
    • Merit
    • Fortitude
    • Hunt
  • Nilak's RoF 
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude
    • Hunt
  • Zelda's RoF and average
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude - COMPLETE
    • Hunt - 
  • Briar's RoFs 
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude
    • Hunt
  • Rohan's RoFs 
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude - COMPLETE
    • Hunt
  • Jolon's RoFs and average
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude
    • Hunt
  • Mako's RoFs 
    • Merit - COMPLETE
    • Fortitude - 
    • Hunt - 


Status: Friends Only - CLOSED


Waiting for

Skin by SimplySilent
Raptor thingy by phenoxfire
Raptor thingy
wtf am I thinking?! omg help I don't have time for this >.<

Anyway, during class (While I totally wasn't operating heavy machinery... no never) I was brain storming the idea of a raptor type dealio for an arp (Will probably be unoriginal and call them raptors >.o) idk

I was thinking of a giant island/land mass that was covered in thick rain forest and/or other tropical biomes (Can't really be wintery because poor lizards would freeze their butts off D: ). kinda like Ark I suppose.

And, with some friend's world building and story telling skills I was thinking of a large semi-elaborate questing/looting/raiding system and silly side quests or NPC quests. I'll think more on that. Lots of planning will go into this before anything happens X'D

Also... I used a reference for the art, but I for the life of me can't find it ._. 

Also... all that empty space is eew, but... too lazy to fix X'D

Art © phenoxfire

not gonna claim the species because.... I didn't invent a raptor XD
There any rideable raptor-like creature arpgs?
2 deviants said i want it... point me to it or get with me so we can make it >: o
Tokotas - Ladies Day Out! ... and Jolon Was There by phenoxfire
Tokotas - Ladies Day Out! ... and Jolon Was There
Finished YTH fishing piece >w<

Sorry about being a little late, got sick >.o

Lookit Jolon there! Surrounded by beautiful ladies >3< Uncle Tael and Mako would be so proud XD

Why the sour look Eilonwy? Jelous or just reluctant to get in the cold water?? 

Chena is so friggin' ready to catch that fish! Go Chena go! >: o

Not sure what Kiana is so suprised looking about, maybe she sees another large school of fish? or danger perhaps? Who knows XD

Sakari is being charmed into the water by her new friend Jolon, it's hard to resist his bubbly enthusiasm tbh X3

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: Jolon 5476 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: My Tokotas - Hunting/Fishing/Expidition Journal
Items/Companions: Sturdy Rod
Defects/Health Issues: none

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: Eilonwy 6842 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Eilonwy's Bank
Items/Companions: none
Defects/Health Issues: none 

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: AVS Chena 11630 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: My Toko's - Hunting/Fishing/Exploring Journals
Defects/Health Issues: None

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: AVS Sakari 11445 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: My Toko's - Hunting/Fishing/Exploring Journals
Defects/Health Issues: None

Bullet; Green Link to import sheet: AVS Kiana 10508 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: My Toko's - Hunting/Fishing/Exploring Journals
Items/Companions: Sturdy Rod, Fisher Trait, Black Cat Companion
Defects/Health Issues: None

10 HP for Jolon
9 HP for Chena, Sakari, Kiana, and Eilonwy

Please correct me if I'm wrong

Art © phenoxfire

Tokotas © Noebelle

Eilonwy © rainebowmacaroon 

Chena, Sakari, and Kiana © ReQuay

go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff



phenoxfire has started a donation pool!
118 / 40,000



If 50 or more points are donated, I MAY sketch one of your characters for you.

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  • :iconokamiflautist:
    Donated Jan 23, 2015, 4:58:26 PM
  • :iconprinceciel:
    Donated Mar 18, 2013, 12:38:22 PM

There any rideable raptor-like creature arpgs? 

2 deviants said i want it... point me to it or get with me so we can make it >: o

Tokota Sales Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2015, 9:24 AM

Some Tokota stuff for sale. Most, if not all, have an HP or TT option. I actually prefer HP over points or usd :)

If you are looking for my HP deals go HERE CLOSED


For HP Payments, I would like hunting/fishing/exploration images of any of My Tokotas. Updated handler reference: Oki - reference2

You may use your own handler for Exploration pieces if you are more comfortable with that.

For HP payments you can double up and add more than one of my Tokota to a hunting/fishing/exploring image. FOR EXAMPLE, if the cost of a slot is 2 hunting/fishing/exploring images, you may do one with two of my Tokota.

Yes, Literature is fine

Please tag me when you use the slot, so I can mark it down used in tracking journals, and be neat in general.

for any unwanted pups I would really appreciate it if you let me have first dibs on buying or taking them ;w;

:bulletpurple: 1 HP = 1 USD = 100 :points: = 200 TT :bulletpurple:

Slots for Sale


Bullet; GreenQannik 1002 by TotemSpirit Arms of Akna - AVERAGE - PL by noebelle 
Full slots
1 Hunting/Fishing/Exploring images
500 Points or $5.00 USD or 1,000 TT

Graying tundra with rainmarks and accents 
NO MARKED, Rainmarks, my favoritest bebe in the world
Will be dominant soon...ish.



Bullet; GreenMaleficent 2356 by TotemSpiritArms of Akna - AVERAGE - PL by noebelle 
Full Slots
2 Hunting/Fishing/Exploring images
1400 Points or $14.00 or 2,800 TT

Graying marked tawny with blanket and accents


Bullet; GreenVali 2320 by TotemSpirit Arms of Akna - EXCELLENT - PL by noebelle
Full Slots
1 Hunting/Fishing/Exploring images
400 Points or $4.00 or 800 TT

Tawny with accents and saddle
Is the mummy of my yeti babu Jolon >3<
Also, no marked so if your trying to breed that out she might be good.


Tokota for Sale

None at the moment

Genos for Sale

None at the moment

Other stuff for sale

Nothing at the moment

Tokota wish list

Go ahead and offer away, HP offers only, as I do not have money. And please be fair with the amount of HP your asking me for, a lot of time (round about 3-7 hours) goes into each piece, think of HP as an actual commission and not an easy way for you to rack up your numbers. Also, with that little tid-bit in mind, please note that I'm a full time student in college, so I don't have a lot of time to work on art during the week. I WILL get what you ask for done, even if it takes a while, it WILL be done, don't you worry about that.

  • Yeti - ACHIEVED!
  • Dire - Will look at 25%+ slots
  • Curly - Deal Pending
  • Long 
  • Barbary 
  • Black - ACHIEVED!
  • Lilac Tawny 
  • Red-brown  - ACHIEVED! (Piebald!!!!)
  • Starmarked Seal
  • Shadowmarked
Overall.... I would love if any of the geno offers had dun, collared, or wolverine ;w; but I ain't picky ;P

If you are offering any of these please reply in the comments with offers. Please keep in mind that I have no money so HP or AoA offers only please :) (Smile)
Please do not offer slots. I will look at slots for dires 25% or up (Not that I expect much).

Skin by SimplySilent


:iconkukuri-arpg: :icondracostryx: :iconasotus: :icontsulatribe: :icontokotas:


Apr 30, 2016
12:18 pm
Apr 25, 2016
9:26 am
Apr 13, 2016
12:17 pm
Mar 31, 2016
11:21 pm
Mar 27, 2016
3:06 am


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I'll have the fishing image of Jolon up soon! School's been dragging me down ;v;
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Hey, I found out that you and I both have Tokotas named Nilak and Maleficent! Haha that's a strange coincidence ^^
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Hey man, sorry I haven't been so active lately

I just wanted to say your art is great, and you are making so much improvement with it, and you really really make me want to get into Tokotas 
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Yo dude I was out shopping a couple days ago and I was passing the freezer section and I swear one of them made a sound near identical to the sound the Mangled makes

it woke a primal fear in me the likes of which has never been felt 

I thought you'd appreciate it/understand D': 
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