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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Pansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperAgender Stamp by LeveButtgray-aromantic stamp (version 1) by crownstamps


Commissions are :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:


Commission Progress

For more in depth progress go here:…

:bulletpurple: 40 HP for kagetora4ever (Sketching in process) 0/15 HP Complete for… / 0/25 HP Complete for…


Goat hunt - YTH CLOSED by phenoxfire
Goat hunt - YTH CLOSED

This will be worth a total of at least 9HP plus whatever your toko catches.

HP breakdown: 5 for image with shading and bg + 2 for fishing +2 for starter depicted

Finished product will be similar to: Tokotas - What are You Doing up There? by phenoxfire Tokotas - rite of  Merit -Rohan Zelda and Nilak by phenoxfire 

Available payment methods: Paypal or Points
Price: $12.00/1200 Points

Green Toko: Domino 1089
Pink Toko: Vali 2320
Blue Toko: Blixt's The Glorious One 3153
Orange Toko taken by: AutumnCreekFarms ACF Leo 4731
Red Toko taken by: tree-kangaroo Gaia 1797

- These are first come first serve. 
- I can change the mane style, free of charge
- Please only choose a Tokota that has been accepted AND uploaded please! That way I can submit the piece to the group and it can be judged asap.
- Do not send me payment until I tell you too.
  • If you are paying with paypal I will respond to you with my Paypal address in it. - DO NOT SEND THE PAYMENT AS A GIFT
  • If you are buying with points gift them to me on my profile page
- I will not complete the piece until all slots are taken and full payment is received.
- When complete, I will send you the link to a high resolution completed version of this piece
- I will up charge if your design is complicated. Examples of complicated designs: Chimeras, Van Gogh, Vitiligo, Barring.

Tokotas noebelle
Art, Domino, and Vali phenoxfire 
I'm not sure why, but I've had the strong urge to draw my MLP OCs again .___.

I need to catch up on the show XD

Art Status

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 2:57 PM


:new: 8/21/15

Should be able to work more on art, at least on the weekeds, school started up though so that may keep me more busy than I would like >.> We shall see though :)

7/11/15 (On mobile (This took me forever to figure out, be proud D:<))

Once again, sorry about the lack of activity! July is full of birthdays, I'm still dealing with FAFSA and other school stuff so I've been running around like no one's business >.> No worries kagetora4ever I am sketching up a few things for your HP packages! It's just a matter of being able to sit down to work on them long enough or not ._.


So so so sorry about the delay! My tablet decided to crap itself out. THANKFULLY I have wonderful friends and I got my birthday present early this year :heart: so now I'm just getting used to the feel of this new tablet. ALSO real life caught up to me real fast o.< Trying to get stuff done so I can go to school in the fall so I've been all over the place. I'll get stuff done ASAP, but I don't really have estimated times on when they'll be completed. Please be patient with me, it will be done! :)


Status: CLOSED
Tokotas - HP Packets
Regular Commissions - Commission Info - CLOSED

  • 40 HP for kagetora4ever (Sketching in process)
    • 16/15 HP Complete for Blixt's Lawgiver Tyr 2070 by TotemSpirit  (COMPLETE)
    • 16/25 HP Complete for Blixt's The Glorious One 3153 by TotemSpirit

Personal To Do List

Making myself a personal list because my memory is garbage. Commissions over personal stuff. This list is not in priority order, I just kinda do as I do.

  • Get Qannik to Dominant
    • Only needs 28HP to go, then I need to work on his RoDs
  • Finish Oki's updated design reference
  • Get Tael's RoF done and get him to average
    • His Rites will be done with Taliesin and Gwydion for RP purposes
  • Get Nilak's RoFs done
  • Get Zelda's RoFs done and get her to average
  • Get Moose's RoFs done and get him to average
  • Get Briar's RoFs done
  • Get Rohan's RoFs done
  • Get Jolon's RoFs done and get him to average


Status: Friends Only - CLOSED


Skin by SimplySilent
Tokotas - What are You Doing up There? by phenoxfire
Tokotas - What are You Doing up There?
Part of kagetora4ever 's HP packs :3

Oh Ullr... How did you get up there?

Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Blixt's The Glorious One 3153 by TotemSpirit
Link to Fishing journal: Ullr Tracker
Health Conditions: None

Bullet; GreenLink to import sheet: Blixt's Lawgiver Tyr 2070 by TotemSpirit
Link to Fishing journal: Tyr Tracker
Health Conditions: None

7 HP for Tyr and Ullr
  • 3HP - Fullbody; colored and Shaded
  • 2HP - Complex background
  • 2HP - Hunting

Please correct me if I'm wrong

Art © phenoxfire

Tokotas © Noebelle

Ullr and Tyr © kagetora4ever

go check out the toko community! it's some super interesting stuff



phenoxfire has started a donation pool!
118 / 40,000



If 50 or more points are donated, I MAY sketch one of your characters for you.

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconokamiflautist:
    Donated Jan 23, 2015, 4:58:26 PM
  • :iconprinceciel:
    Donated Mar 18, 2013, 12:38:22 PM

Any of my watchers interested in starting out in Tokotas

7 deviants said I'm already a member!
2 deviants said Yes, but I'm not sure where to begin
No deviants said No thank you

Commission Info - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 4:45 PM

Closing these for now... not that anyone was buying anyway. Will open back up when I have more free time.

Commission Status : :bulletgreen: OPEN:bulletgreen:

Prices are in USD.

$1.00 = 100 :points:

Regular Commissions

All below are full body. Head shots are further down.

:bulletblue: Digital Sketch - $5.00

type A: Simple color option

Lea And Luna  Just Chillin  By Phenoxfire-d80tav6 by phenoxfire


Type B: Cleaned up sketch

 Dragon By Phenoxfire-d80tavi by phenoxfire


  • Additional Character - $2.00


:bulletblue: Flat color - $15.00

Mythnya by phenoxfireWhen Can I See You Again by phenoxfireCommission for BaryonSweep by phenoxfire

  • Clean Detailed lineart
  • No extra charger for partial background
  • Simple background - $5.00
  • Colored lineart - $5.00

  • Additional Character - $5.00


:bulletblue: Shading - $35.00

 Tokotas - Short rest by phenoxfire 
Tokotas - Wheee! by phenoxfire 

  • Detailed shades and highlights, emphasizes scales, fur, etc.
  • No extra charge for  partial background
  • Simple background - $5.00
  • Detailed background - $7.00
  • Colored lineart - $5.00 (Warning: Detailed shades and highlights can look a little odd on a colored lineart work. commission at your own risk, NO REFUNDS if you do not like how the colored lineart turns out, but I will change your lineart to black, no extra cost)
  • Additional Character - $10.00 



Type A: Normal head shot - $10.00 EACH

Tokotas - Maleficent's Bitch Face by phenoxfire Tokotas - Tael's Flirty Face by phenoxfire

  • Backgroundless head shots, inked, colored and shaded, your choice of expression.

Type B: Icon - $10.00 EACH

Miki - Icon by phenoxfire

  • 500x500 canvas featuring your character's beautiful face. Give me a color (can be referenced or just a general color) and I will make a pleasing to the eye color palette around that color for your background!

  • Shading optional
  • Couple icons are $5.00 more
Type C: Compilation - $25.00

Tokotas - The Many Faces of Silvia by phenoxfire Dex Faces by phenoxfire Lea faces by phenoxfire

  • 6 Head shots of your character. All expressions are your choice. You can have me come up with expressions as well if you want.
  • Comes with the background option.
  • Shading - $5.00 extra

:bulletpurple:Chibis - $12.00

It's your turn now! by phenoxfire Merry Christmas! by phenoxfire Random stripie-thing by phenoxfire

  • Cute squish version of your chartacter!
  • No extra charge for  partial background
  • Simple background - $5.00
  • Colored Ink - $5.00
  • Shading - $5.00
  • Additional Characters - $4.00

:bulletpurple:Reference Sheets - Starting price - $35.00


 .:Character Reference:. Steel by phenoxfireSombra Sonata by phenoxfireCommission for Chastitybunny by phenoxfire

  • Starting price will get you two full body references, Two head shot/expression references, a close up on the characters eyes, and well as ONE other important detail of the character (Tattoo, accessory, wings, ect). Also includes name, gender, color palette, and simple background. The important detail reference can be exchanged for a head shot if you so choose. If you have something else in mind we can work something out :) (Smile)
  • Additional full body  references - $10.00
  • Additional Head shot/expression references - $7.00
  • Other small references - $1.00-$5.00 depending on complexity/amount

:bulletred:Any and all mature content (gore included) has a $15.00 fee tagged onto it! This includes sketches. I will also ask for a PHOTO REFERENCE of what you would like your character(s) doing on some occasions.:bulletred:


Terms of Service

  • Digital works only
  • Rights of artwork created by phenoxfire belong to me. Rights of fanart of characters belong to their respective companies. I am in no way, shape, or form claiming ownership of said characters.
  • I will send you a Work In Progress (W.I.P.) of your commission, usually a sketch (or a partial sketch if it is a sketch commission). I will only allow 3 major edits before the sketch is complete, after that I will begin charging. It gets time consuming and frustrating to constantly edit a sketch, so please, be final in what you want.
  • I will allow ONE change for both the lineart process and the color process, revisions are not aloud after the flat colors are done!
  • If you are not satisfied with the W.I.P. and want a refund, you will only get a partial refund and a cleaned up sletch of what you wanted.
  • NO refunds when the work is fully completed.
  • Please be straightforward in describing what you want. Reading a wall of RP is very frustrating for me and it is hard to decipher what you want. Save us both the headace and just be clear :) (Smile)
  • I hold the rights to the image that I create, the characters in the image may belong to their respective owners, but the image I create belongs to me. If you want to buy the rights to the image, it will be very expensive.
  • I am free to upload any commission , unless spoken to beforehand, as I see fit in my personal art galleries/folios, as I still retain the rights of the image as the original artist. Please tell me beforehand if you don't want me to upload it to my galleries.
  • Multi-limbed characters are subjected to be charged more. This includes: Taurs, multi-winged, ect.
  • Any and all mature content (gore included) has a $15.00 fee tagged onto it! This includes sketches. I will also ask for a PHOTO REFERENCE of what you would like your character(s) doing on some occasions.
  • Please ask about fetish art. I am willing to draw some, but a lot makes me uncomfortable and is just a flat no. So please ask! :) (Smile)
  • DO NOT edit my artwork without my permission! This includes adding color, shading, or redlining it. You may have payed for it, but I still own the rights


What I will NOT draw

  • Watersports/scat
  • Diapers/soild diapers
  • Hyper of any sort (cock, breasts, muscles. NONE OF IT)
  • Cub/underaged
  • Incest
  • large gaping holes.... Just no

:bulletpurple: Other than the mentioned stuff above I'll pretty much draw anything. Please keep in mind that the more complex your character is the more I will charge. :bulletpurple:

How to order

Please fill out this form in the comments below. Please note me if you are ordering a character reference. They have more info I will need from you than the below form.

Commission Type:
Payment type:
Character Reference:
What I want my character(s) doing:
Background type:

Taking 3 slots for now


Skin by SimplySilent


:iconasotus: :icontsulatribe: :icontokotas: :icon100themeschallenge: :iconart-now-known:


Sep 1, 2015
8:59 pm
Sep 1, 2015
1:47 pm
Sep 1, 2015
1:37 pm
Aug 31, 2015
9:11 pm
Aug 22, 2015
6:18 am


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